Libel and Slander

Libel and Slander (Defamation Cases)

Libel is a written false accusation or allegation designed to harm your reputation or the reputation of your business. Slander is similar to libel but it is a spoken false accusation or allegation. Libel and defamation both constitute defamation.

Defamation and Your Business

Businesses are often victimized by false, harmful reviews Online. These reviews occur on social media, professional review websites, and reviews from large websites and search engines such as Yelp! and Google. Because of the ease of posting reviews people often say false, disparaging, and degrading things about businesses. Idaho law provides remedies for businesses that have suffered damages from false, harmful reviews.

How Murray & Ziel, PLLC Can Help:

Defamation law with respect to negative online business reviews is an emerging and rapidly changing area of law. Murray & Ziel, PLLC is among Eastern Idaho law firms with experience litigating issues involving complex defamation issues. If you believe that your business has been victimized by false, harmful forms of defamation contact Murray & Ziel, PLLC today.