Criminal Law – General Misdemeanor Defense

Criminal Law - General Misdemeanor Defense

Crimes in Idaho are generally broken down into three categories: felonies, misdemeanors, and juvenile offenses.

Misdemeanor offenses are defined as crimes with a maximum penalty of one year in local county jail, typically no more than $1000.00 fine (there are some exceptions to this fine amount), and a maximum of two years’ probation. Common examples of misdemeanor crimes include driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without privileges, battery, petit theft, possession of marijuana, disturbing the peace, and trespassing.

If you are facing misdemeanor charges Murray, Ziel, & Johnston, PLLC can help. In every case we carefully review all of the prosecuting attorney’s materials including police reports, video and audio recordings, and physical evidence. Upon completing a full review, we analyze your case for possible constitutional violations and aggressively fight to get evidence excluded if your constitutional rights were violated. We counsel with you regarding your options and the risks and rewards of each course of action. In cases where it is appropriate to have trial we work tirelessly to ensure that we give you the best possible chance of acquittal. In cases where it is appropriate to make plea agreements we work hard to mitigate your consequences. We understand stigma, burden, heartache, and stress of being charged with a crime and will be with you from start to finish.